Nicolai In Technicolor

(c) Tina Gibson, 2012

Alternate Version from the book “Fault Zone: Shift,” 2013


Did you picture yourself rising from the ashes,

A proud political figure ready to lead the masses?

Some have described you as dashing and quite handsome,

They think you are on your way to super-stardom.


Let me set the stage in Technicolor, just for you.

A high-definition portrayal of a boy without a clue.

I imagine you sitting alone on your dirty carpet,

An impressionable young boy playing drill sergeant.


Battle cries bounce off the walls of your darkened room;

Generals and dictators rise from your toy box of doom.

Your allies promote nothing but one-world choices,

And you fall prey to their melodic voices.


You study your heroes thoroughly. They become your greatest influence.

Playing dress-up, you are building a blueprint of future indifference.

Reflections from the masquerade foreshadow an enticing destiny,

They’re inviting you to be whatever you need to be.


Parallel universes merge and the situation grows eerie.

Whether or not you’re the infamous Antichrist shall remain a mystery.

Saint Marian warned long ago about weeping karma and youth control.

If you look into their eyes, you can save the life of an encultured soul.


I can’t shake the image of the boy, grinning at the mirror with his disguise,

Ignorant that this moment marks the start of his demise.


As the final act is orchestrated with precision,

Time will come when we have to make a decision.

We the people will see through your facade, the one

Where we’ve been made to believe you are the light of God!


The scene comes to an end and the curtains fall;

This is Nicolai in Technicolor,

Burning privately at the far end of the hall.


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