Next Event: Redwood City Public Library-Teen Center, 2nd Floor

In honor of Poetry Month, the Redwood City Public Library will be hosting a reading of my young adult book “Misfit Island.”

When: Saturday April 8th from 11:00AM – 12:00PM.
Address: 1044 Middlefield Rd Redwood City, CA 94063. Hope to see you there.

Everybody is welcomed, especially teens/tween.

Here’s the link to the event:


Misfit Island is Published

If you would like to reserve an autographed copy, please email me at: . My current payment options are; check or money order, PayPal (use my gmail address listed above), and Amazon.

Below is the link to my Amazon Seller page:

A customer review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated ūüôā

Misfit Island to be published Fall 2016

About four years ago, I sat down and¬†started writing a one-page “statement poem” that turned into a full-length modern epic storybook with illustrations (written in rhyming prose). I am pleased to announce that I found representation. Quaci Press will be publishing “Misfit Island” in the fall of 2016. The book is about¬†a young swan’s coming-of-age story set on a beautiful Island in Greece that is run by animals. Misfit Island can be viewed as a fairy tale or¬†allegory, with an epic animal battle of good vs. evil. More info to come soon…

Calling all Writers, Poets, Dreamers and 80’s fanatics!

Hello and welcome to my website.¬†¬†I¬†am a San Francisco¬†Bay Area¬†author¬†who loves to write and publish books.¬†¬†On top of that, I’m a lover of 80’s and early 90’s¬†culture, whether its a new wave¬†album, a Brat Pack movie, vintage vinyl, or an early 90’s dance track.¬†Since 2014 I’ve¬†been¬†working on my¬†upcoming publication, a modern-day epic poem book with illustrations for children and young adults.¬† Please take a moment to look at my published work and let me know what you think.¬† My blogs will be a mixture of¬†literary talk and fun 80’s-90’s questions.¬† Comments and feedback are welcome.