Misfit Island is Published

In the two months that my book has been out, I sold out of my first run of books. Not to worry. I’m expecting my next shipment sometime in February. If you would like to reserve an autographed copy, please email me at: tinagibson78@gmail.com so I can add you to my pre-pay list. My current payment options are; check or money order,¬†PayPal (use my gmail address listed above).

Below is the link to my Amazon Seller page:


A customer review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated ūüôā

Misfit Island to be published Fall 2016

About four years ago, I sat down and¬†started writing a one-page “statement poem” that turned into a full-length modern epic storybook with illustrations (written in rhyming prose). I am pleased to announce that I found representation. Quaci Press will be publishing “Misfit Island” in the fall of 2016. The book is about¬†a young swan’s coming-of-age story set on a beautiful Island in Greece that is run by animals. Misfit Island can be viewed as a fairy tale or¬†allegory, with an epic animal battle of good vs. evil. More info to come soon…

Calling all Writers, Poets, Dreamers and 80’s fanatics!

Hello and welcome to my website.¬†¬†I¬†am a San Francisco¬†Bay Area¬†author¬†who loves to write and publish books.¬†¬†On top of that, I’m a lover of 80’s and early 90’s¬†culture, whether its a new wave¬†album, a Brat Pack movie, vintage vinyl, or an early 90’s dance track.¬†Since 2014 I’ve¬†been¬†working on my¬†upcoming publication, a modern-day epic poem book with illustrations for children and young adults.¬† Please take a moment to look at my published work and let me know what you think.¬† My blogs will be a mixture of¬†literary talk and fun 80’s-90’s questions.¬† Comments and feedback are welcome.